Welcome to Todop web page

Lot of things to do ? Feel lazy ? hmmmm ... Here is a pretty way to display how late and busy you should be !

Todop is a simple task list manager, for use via a web browser and it doesn't require to install a webserver and so on. To see what it looks like see Demo page, and you can grab it from the download page !

Todop main goal is : having the more information possible under your eyes but staying readable, to be as light as possible and as fast as possible. actually the total package is about 40 kb so yes , it is !

What is Todop

Todop is a task list, in the GTD method style. It'is a cgi script written in python, so you access it via a webbrowser.

todop is intented to be situated between the just simple text or list file and the complete task manager, you can add note with a wiki-style syntax to your tasks, and classify them by project or context.

What it's not