Todop is (for now) intended to be embedded .. so it don't really need to be installed... The python interpreter must be located at /usr/bin/python (or a link ..). If not you have to edit all the sheebang lines in the cgi directory ..

here you are !


the :

you can edit several configuration option in this file. It is quite well documented, but please preserve the python syntax ...

set up a password

If you want to access Todop from another computer, you may want to set a password :

Change the port of the server

just edit

anything else ??

configuration can be make editing the beginning of todo_cgi. I know, it is not particularly user friendly, and i'm seriously thinking of coding a configuration tool .. but you know what .. it bores me ..


to add a deadline, just click on the brackets right from the description columns ... to add an item see in the bottom of the page..

a raw text version can be grab at http://localhost:4242/cgi/ .. useful to use with conky for example ..

I suggest you to see tips section of this wiki to use the projects and contexts things well ..